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Pricing Announced For EE’s 4G LTE Data Plans

The UK is soon to be the latest country to offer 4G LTE web browsing speeds on compatible smartphones.  Everything Everywhere (recently rebranded as EE) is the company responsible for the launch of the UK’s first LTE network.  This is due to be activated at the end of the month in a number of prominent UK cities and the company has also forecast 98% coverage in the UK by the end of 2014.  In order to take advantage of the faster speeds provided by this connection type, a compatible smartphone and data plan is required.


EE has recently announced the pricing structure for these data plans based on 24 month contracts. They will all include unlimited text messages and calls, and will be priced solely on monthly data allowance.  The cheapest option will cost £36.00 per month, and allow 500 MB of data usage.  The next tier will cost £41.00 per month, which will include 1 GB of data.  For £46.00, you will be allowed 3 GB of data usage per month.  Finally, 5 GB of monthly data allowance will cost you £51.00, with 8 GB costing £56.00.  Obviously, the higher increments are way above average monthly data usage for most smartphone users, so the cheaper options are of course likely to prove the most popular. Visit our website for the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 4G News.


Data bolt-ons will also be available for purchase, meaning customers can increase their monthly data allowance for a given month without committing to a higher monthly contract price.  Smartphone models which will be compatible with the LTE network include Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 4G and the HTC One XL.


EE operates Orange and T-Mobile, as well as being a separate network in its own right.  Customers who have taken a pay monthly contract with T-Mobile or Orange within the last six months will be given the opportunity to transfer to Everything Everywhere for a one off fee of £99.00, which will ensure they will then be able to take advantage of the 4G network.


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