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Project Daisy From Beats Set To Feature On The New iPhone 5S

The new iPhone 5S is quickly becoming one of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of all time thanks to some of the exciting news that is beginning to filter through about this next generation phone. Latest reports are suggesting that the new Apple device will come with a new music streaming service from Beats on board, news that is sure to excite millions of Apple fans across the globe.iphone 5s

This latest news has come courtesy of Reuters who have reported that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is currently in discussions with Jimmy Lovine, head of Beats, about using the company’s forthcoming music streaming service on the iTunes platform. The fact that iTunes has been mentions means that it is likely that the service will be usable across multiple Apple devices which will include the iPhone 5S, iPod and iPad products. The advantage of this new service is that it will give users access to millions of audio tracks that can be streamed directly to their handset. News has been circulating about this new service since earlier in the year but this is the first time that a launch in 2013 has been suggested. For more iPhone 5S News click here.

These latest reports from Reuters are said to have come from three different sources all with close links to the discussions that are currently taking place. The official code name for the new music service is Project Daisy and this was announced by Beats back in January The company have put Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor as the creative director of the service, a move set to strike a chord with scores of music fans across the globe. In addition to the streaming of music tracks the service is also set to include offline playback, a feature also offered by rival services such as Spotify and Google Music. Project Daisy is also being launched as a spin off company and Beats have already raised a massive £45 million to help with this venture. This should see the service having even more impact prior to its launch. The iPhone 5S is set to be on the shopping list of millions of smartphone consumers and the inclusion of Project Daisy will give the exciting new platform instant exposure to this massive market. Click here for the best iPhone 5S deals and offers

The iPhone 5S is looking set to include some superb new features and this new Beats music service is one of the most exciting that we have heard linked with this new model.