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Project J reportedly includes Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy watch aside from Galaxy S4

According to a new report, Samsung’s Project J does not only consist of the highly anticipated Galaxy S4. It also consists of two more devices, including the Galaxy S4 Mini (follow-up to the Galaxy S3 Mini) and a Galaxy Watch.s4-mini-me-640x492

Since this rumour concerns Samsung, the new report comes to us courtesy of SamMobile. According to site, “The Project J line by Samsung is based on 3 devices where just 2 are confirmed and one still needs to get decided! One of the devices is of course the Galaxy S IV or GT-I9500 or Altius or Project J, just how you like to call it. The other 2 devices by Samsung is the Project J Mini which uses the codename Serrano. The Poject J mini Serrano simple hints to the Galaxy S IV mini. This device uses almost the same accessories as the Galaxy S IV only this device can’t use the wireless charging dock. The third device could be Samsung’s answer on Apple’s rumoured iWatch. Project J Active based under the codename Fortius uses some strange accessories like a Arm Band, a Bike Mount and a Pouch. Project J Active isn’t final decided yet but the Altius and Serrano are.”

The Galaxy S4 Mini is more likely to happen, but were scratching our heads about the watch. Sony, however, has launched the SmartWatch, which means it’s possible Samsung will do the same. It may also launch its own Android-powered wristwatch to rival the rumoured Apple iWatch.

Will Samsung launch the Galaxy S4 Mini and a Galaxy watch alongside the Galaxy S4? Share your thoughts through a comment below.