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Record quarterly profits expected by the Korean Tech Giant (Samsung)

Samsung (the Korean Tech Giant) expects record earnings for their last quarter for 2012, as shoppers are still buying their smartphones and tablets. South Korea Samsung

It was only last Tuesday when the company said that their operating profit for the months of October to December, would amount to about $8.3 Billion. This is up by 89% from last year, and higher than what they are expecting. Samsung will soon release their full quarterly result at the end of January.

Samsung, the famous maker of the famous Galaxy line devices, said that their Q4 revenue went up to 18% from 2011 to about 56 Trillion Won.

Analysts are saying that nearly 70% of Samsung’s operating income during Q4 came from the company’s mobile division.

Samsung also overtook its biggest rival Apple in the smartphone sales and Nokia in mobile devices. It also has driven the company’s earnings to grow in recent quarters. Samsung’s quarterly profit has rose to a steady pace since the last quarter of 2011. Now, this also happened while the company’s rival phone makers in the likes of Nokia, Rim, and HTC, have all experienced falling market share and profits.

According to analysts, Samsung was reported to have shipped 60 Million smartphones during the last quarter of 2012 (about 10% growth from the third quarter of 2012.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 last September. Despite of it being pitted against the Apple’s launching of their iPhone 5, the phone is said to have helped the company maintain its market dominance during the holiday season. In addition, the company’s latest flagship the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold more units and is recently reported to have gone through the 30 Million units sold mark.

During 2012’s first three months, Samsung shipped 15 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units and about 7 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 during the last three months of last year.

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