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According to report, Apple working on improving working conditions for Foxconn workers

Working conditions for Foxconn factory workers have improved thanks to the efforts of Apple, according to the New York Times.

Speaking to the newspaper, an anonymous Apple executive said, “The days of easy globalisation are done. We know that we have to get into the muck now.”

Foxconn it a part of Apple’s supply chain, responsible for putting together the Cupertino firm’s products such as the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the firm has been in the hot seat for mistreating its workers. These days, however, the report says that Foxconn has changed by reducing its workers’ working hours and increasing wages.

Apple was praised for leading the investigation into reports of the inhumane working conditions endured by Foxconn factory workers. However, this is still nothing compared to the efforts of Nike and Gap, who have ensured workers are treated properly.

Speaking to the New York Times, Apple said, “We believe deeply in transparency and have demonstrated this through reporting our shortcomings and exposing violations… Apple is in a unique position to lead and we have embraced this role since the earliest days of our supplier responsibility program. We do all these things out of respect for our customers and, most of all, the people who make our products.”

Is Apple doing enough to improve working conditions for Foxconn factory workers, or do you think the most valuable company in the world can do better? Share your thoughts through a comment below.

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