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Retailers In The Netherlands Report Huge Demand For The Nokia Lumia 920 After Release On Monday

IMG-0233-1The Nokia Lumia 920 has of course been one of the most important smartphone releases in recent years for the Finnish manufacturer. The phone was launched in November, and quickly clocked up enviable levels of both commercial success and critical acclaim. Demand for the phone was higher than many had expected, which led to shortages of the phone, with Nokia’s production facilities in Asia continuing to feel the strain.


Several weeks ago, we reported that retailers over in the Netherlands have reported exceptionally high pre-order demand for the Nokia Lumia 920. In fact, some retailers even reported that they have seen higher pre-order numbers for the phone than even the Apple iPhone 5, which was of course arguably the biggest smartphone launch of 2012. Following this news, it should not come as a surprise to hear that following the phone’s launch in the Netherlands on Monday, the phone quickly shot to the top of the bestsellers list of virtually all Dutch retailers offering the phone, with some even reporting that stocks of the phone had sold out by Tuesday. Visit our website for the latest news and reviews on the Nokia Lumia 920 and compare special offers for the Nokia Lumia 920.


The Netherlands is not the first country to see such high demand for the Lumia 920. Over the last few weeks, there have been numerous reports from retailers and networks in countries including Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the US, claiming that stocks of the phone are selling out almost as soon as they are made available. Therefore, the high levels of demand in Holland are hardly surprising.


Although the Nokia Lumia 920 was only officially launched in Holland on Monday, Bol.com (the Dutch online retailer) has reported that stocks of the phone had sold out by Tuesday, in all colour variants. The website also had to post a message to customers, stating that it is currently unable to offer a specific timeframe for deliveries of the phone, on account of its high demand.


In the UK, the Nokia Lumia 920 is currently under an exclusivity period with EE, the network which also owns and operates T-Mobile and Orange. However, this is due to end shortly, so in coming weeks other networks will be able to carry the phone. It is more than likely that this will lead to high demand and shortages of the phone, as customers who have been waiting for the phone to be made available on their network will finally be able to get their hands on the device.