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RM-917 or Nokia Lumia 512 finally received its FCC approval

We recently heard about the RM-917 receiving its FCC approval. So you’re not familiar with the name? This is the model number for the T-Mobile bound Nokia Lumia 512. If you have heard of the Nokia Lumia 520, then this is the model specifically made for the said mobile carrier. lumia521fcc1

Last February, the Nokia Lumia 520 was announced during the Mobile World Congress 2013 event in Barcelona, Spain. The said device graced different markets and it is only now that the T-Mobile bound Nokia Lumia 512 is good to hit the shelves soon.

There may not be enough details to quench your thirst for this Lumia device yet, but it is definitely landing to T-Mobile since it already received its FCC approval.

If you look at the attached document, you will notice that it barely gives us details. Basically, the document just proved to us that the Lumia 512 will be giving us frequencies support 850/AWS/1900 HSPA+/UMTS as well as Quad band GSM/EDGE.

Just to refresh your mind, the Nokia Lumia 520 came in with a 4” WVGA LCD display screen. It packed the following specs: 512MB, a 5MP main shutter, microSD storage, and other goodies without the heavy price tag.

If the model (RM-917) is only a variant made for T-Mobile, then this device could also land with the same specs or maybe boast additional features exclusive to T-Mobile.

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