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Rumoured HTC flagship for 2013 the HTC M7

The year is about to end and as early as now everybody is waiting for 2013 for new smartphones. We see rumours about new flagships everywhere. Yes, there was the rumoured iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now we are seeing rumours about the HTC M7

Today the smartphone market is heavily dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S3 and followed by the iPhone 5. Samsung’s flagship sold over 30 Million units and the numbers are still rising. Samsung’s current flagship also bagged the “best-selling smartphone” for this year. Now, this is something that HTC would like to experience with the HTC M7. Yes, it may be tough, but they too can do it with the right number of followers.

HTC Tried to win the market with their amazing releases for this year. There is the HTC One X, HTC EVO 3G LTE, and of course the new HTC Windows Phone 8 devices the 8X and 8S. Sadly, all of these smartphones did not even create a tiny dent when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3s sales.

HTC is praying that this up and coming device will change its bad fate. Even if this handset is still a rumour for now, people are excited to know more about this device. There are a couple of rumours suggesting that this new HTC device will see a February announcement. If this is true, we can expect the HTC M7 to be introduced during the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona Spain.

If you look back, the HTC One X was launched during the same event the MWC 2012 and was actually released in April. In the US, the HTC One X only arrived in May and via AT&T. This device is rumoured to be released sometime in March. Famous @evleaks is saying that the HTC M7 could arrive in different US Carriers (i.e. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon).

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