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Rumours Of Next iPhone Entering Production After Key Supplier Hires 40,000 New Workers

downloadIn recent months, speculation about which version of the iPhone series will be next to hit the market has been a hot topic. There are currently plenty of rumours from sources of varying levels of credibility suggesting that the next version to hit the market will be a new iPhone 6 model, an upgraded iPhone 5S or even the widely rumoured budget iPhone which would be aimed particularly at emerging markets.

Tech Radar has recently published an article with new evidence which may point to the budget iPhone model being released in the near future. The website reports that one of Apple’s key manufacturing partners, called Pegatron which is based in China is currently undertaking a large scale recruitment drive, reportedly taking on up to 40,000 additional members of staff. This would increase the company’s current staffing levels to around 140,000, or by 40% at its manufacturing plants in China. The website reports that this may be in preparation to begin production of a budget iPhone. To find out more about the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone, visit our website where you can also compare iPhone 5S contract offers.

This phone has been widely rumoured to be aimed specifically at developing markets such as Brazil, India and China. In such markets, demand for more affordable smartphones is huge, so Apple can expect to sell many millions of handsets which would certainly explain the vast increase in staffing levels at Pegatron. The website also explains that the chief financial officer of the company has not confirmed the specific reason for such a high increase in its payroll, but it clearly suggests that a new handset is nearing production.

In recent months, it has been widely rumoured that Apple is keen to take advantage of the opportunity presented by emerging markets. Currently, a number of Apple’s rivals, most notably Samsung sells huge volumes of more affordable Android smartphones. Additionally, others including Nokia have released a number of models aimed specifically at these markets which demonstrates that they are an important revenue stream, especially given the amount of competition and increasingly high stakes when it comes to releasing premium smartphone models in established western markets.

Over the coming weeks, we are sure to hear many more rumours and widespread speculation about the next iPhone to hit the market, so we will report back when we hear of any updates.