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Russia First To Get The Nokia Lumia 620 Release

Consumers in Russia have been able to get hold of some of the latest smartphones ahead of many other regions. One model to be recently released in this market is the HTC Butterfly and the new Nokia Lumia 620 has also been given a release here, weeks ahead of many other markets.lumia 620

The first region in Europe to get their hands on the new entry level Windows 8 device the new Nokia Lumia 620 is Russia. This model is the cheapest of all of the Windows 8 phone and is priced at around 300 Euros. On the official online Nokia store consumers can find five different colour variations of this model including Magenta, White, Black, Yellow and Green. This great device has been available to Russian consumers for a while now, so consumers here in the UK can look forward to seeing the model arrive here on our shelves in the very near future. Click here for more Nokia Lumia 620 News

The Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 have the top and the middle of the smartphone market pretty much covered giving the manufacturers a great advantage over its rivals. The new Nokia Lumia 620 will cover the budget end of the market. Thanks to its attractive price tag and stylish design this model is sure to be a hit with the teenage market and may also appeal to consumers that are looking to upgrade from their feature phone. The handset boasts 8GB of internal storage giving the user plenty of storage space for a multitude of audio and video files. There is also a dual core 1Ghz Krait processor on board giving the user great operation speeds. The image quality is superb thanks to the WVGA 3.8 inch display with ClearBlack technology and there is a 5 mega pixel still camera included to capture good quality still images. Check out fantastic Nokia Lumia 620 deals here

This third new device from Nokia ensure that the manufacturer has all aspects of the Windows 8 smartphone market covered and consumers here in the UK can expect to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 620 in the very near future.