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Samsung defeated Apple in marketing

Samsung has proven that money talks. Yes, when it comes to the success of its Galaxy S and Galaxy note range devices, it is quite obvious that the company’s marketing arms are busy and doesn’t care about spending millions and millions of money. samsung-logo1

The company outspent Apple in marketing in the US last year. Samsung spent $401 Million in its promotional efforts while the Cupertino Firm spent $333 Million dollars only. These figures came from Kantar Media as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung’s marketing arms helped the company in surpassing their biggest rival (Apple) as the premier smartphone maker and top cell phone player in the mobile industry. With the said market being competitive as ever, marketing money will always be the key advantage for Samsung.

Samsung’s marketing arms is seen almost everywhere from its “Next Big Thing” campaign on Television to extravagant events it held last year. Last October, the company also threw a giant party for the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Samsung also spent huge money in different big launches all over the globe for this device last year. In their US Galaxy Note 2 launch, they have invited Kanye West to perform at the old James Farley Post Office in Manhattan. Posh and expensive venue indeed.

Today, Apple is still the strongest brand and even if they don’t spend that much money, its main advantage against Samsung is that people will still line up for the launch of its new iPhone and iPad. This is something that Samsung has not yet seen in the US. This is even if Apple’s smartphone market share is primarily composed of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 4 only.

Samsung on the other hand has its Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and a plethora of other low to mid-range devices.

Today, Samsung is the top smartphone maker and yet Apple still controls majority of the mobile phone market profits. The Korean tech giant is also expected to keep spending heavily on its marketing arms even after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (happening in a couple of hours).

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