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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Apps That Impress On The New Large Display

This year we have seen the average size of smartphone displays increase in size and a great example of this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a great new phone with a display measuring 5.5 inches. To accompany this great new screen a number of applications have been either adapted or developed to take advantage of the additional size. Here are some of the best apps available for this great new phone.

One of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the excellent S Pen stylus device that comes supplied. From the Google Play store there are a number of applications that take advantage of this excellent feature but none better than the excellent Soonr Scribble. This software is available free of charge and enables users to edit a range of documents stored in over 35 different formats. Included in this comprehensive list are PDF, Excel and Word files. An attraction of the software is that it is easy to use and it includes some excellent sharing options that makes sharing the finished project with friends and colleagues a simple affair. Another great S Pen application worth a look is Sketchbook Mobile which basically converts the handset into a blank canvas from where you can create illustrations and drawings with a great amount of detail. Find the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals here

The S Pen is not always needed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to produce outstanding results and one area where this phone really excels is when it comes to video playback. Fans of movies and TV shows will find the popular Netflix application a worthy addition to their line up of apps. The video on demand service offers a great selection of films and TV that can be viewed directly and instantly on the phones large display. The service does require a small monthly subscription and normally new subscribers can take advantage of offers that gives them a free trial period to test out the software. If the idea of a subscription puts you off then BBC iPlayer is worth a look, delivering a host of TV and Radio shows from the UK broadcast in the last seven days. For more Samsung Galaxy Note 2 News please click here.

The large screens on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have many benefits and these are just some applications that take full advantage of this excellent aspect of the phone.