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Samsung Galaxy S2 – Featuring Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

If you love your Samsung Galaxy S2 with its Android OS Version 2.3 or better known as the Gingerbread OS, then I am sure that you will love your handset more with the latest Android Platform. This is the Android OS Version 4.0 or the famous Ice Cream Sandwich.

Yes, you will experience more power and more ne features with the latest Android OS the Ice Cream Sandwich. The following are just some of the amazing features that you will enjoy on your beloved Samsung Galaxy S2:

New Lock Screen Actions – This latest feature that only the latest Android OS can give you, will allow you to lock your screens without locking it. With its slide lock screen, you can easily go to your chosen application and do something else (i.e. use your phone’s camera then check your messages). This is a feature that you will truly enjoy.

Swipe It All Away – With this, you can easily manage your notifications, browser tabs, and your past and current apps easily. You can swipe it all away with just the tip of your finger.

Accessibility – The latest OS is designed for Accessibility. With the variety of new added features, truly the Ice Cream Sandwich is made for all of us and this includes our brothers and sisters who are visually impaired. You will be able to navigate the Galaxy S2 even without looking at it. All you need is to touch your screen and it will identify the UI that you need. The second touch will activate your chosen component with a full touch. If you are used to using virtual buttons, then this is for you. All of the standard apps that you have on your handset are updated. This offers nothing but improved accessibility mobile experience for you. Your handset’s browser can support a script based screen reader. This will help you in reading any web content or navigating through your favorite web sites. With the latest OS, you can improve your readability. You can choose to increase or decrease your font size across the system. With your simple touch while setting your handset, you can activate all features and even load up a tutorial for you. Whatever you choose to feature on your handset, once you are done with the whole set-up, all of the visible items on your screen can be or will be spoken aloud by its standard screen reader.

These are just a couple of things that you can expect and enjoy on your Samsung Galaxy S2. And all of these are being offered to you

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