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Samsung Galaxy S3’s sudden death fixed

Last month, we reported about the Samsung Galaxy S3’s sudden death. Now, Samsung is said to have released their security patch to UK Galaxy S3 owners. This patch is designed to clear the malicious bug found in Samsung’s Exynos chip. The same bug is said to be capable of wiping out or allowing hackers to use your personal data (via your device). 

Named as the ‘sudden death bug’ it was found by an XDA Developers user (Alephzain )and according to him, it allows hackers to access the device’s RAM (other phones prone to the said bug are the Samsung Galaxy Note  and Samsung Galaxy S2). Alephzain said: ”RAM dump kernel code injection and others could be possible via app installation from Play Store”.

Samsung also pointed out that the said bug affects limited number of their devices. However, this could also affect devices running on stock Android or custom ROMs (once the device is rooted).

The update is now available via OTA or Over-the –Air or via Kies. Some reports are saying that some Galaxy S3 devices are still showing ‘no available update’. It could only mean that those models are not receiving the said update earlier unlike the other devices.

XDA Developers also explained how to download this update via Kies (and manually). But they also warned users that this is at their own risk.

Yes, your device may be potentially become a victim of the malicious bug, and it is a scary thought. But, please be informed that this is not a widespread attack. It is also common for security holes to happen once in a while (most especially true with new software) with overlooked issues.

The good news is that Samsung acted soon enough to fix this sudden death bug before it damaged more Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Exynos powered Samsung smartphones.

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