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Samsung Galaxy S4 May Have Less Internal Storage Than Advertised

images (6)Samsung has recently released its new flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S4. The phone has been the most high profile mobile released so far in 2013, and it is expected to become the most popular smartphone of the year and clock up more record breaking sales figures for the South Korea based technology giant.

As is the case with most newly released smartphones, the Galaxy S4 will be offered in a number of different storage variants. These will include 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal storage, which will be reflected by the price. The cheapest will of course be the 16GB version of the Galaxy S4 as this is the lowest amount of internal storage. However, all models include a microSD slot which can be utilised to achieve an additional 64GB of storage capacity.

It is more than likely that the 16 GB version will be the most popular given its lower price point, coupled with the fact that 16 GB is still an ample amount of storage and more than enough for the needs of most users. Visit our website to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and find the best Samsung Galaxy S4 offers.

However, Phones Review has recently reported that Samsung may have been misleading when it comes to the actual storage capacity of the base version. The website explains that a number of the phone’s standard software features like Smart Scroll, Face Tracking, email and calendar apps actually use some of the storage, meaning that owners of the phone will have less than the advertised amount of storage capacity to store files like music tracks, videos, photos and applications etc.

Apparently, this will leave users with around half the advertised level of storage, and the aforementioned features cannot be uninstalled to free up capacity. Although this will still mean that a decent level of storage is available for use, it is far from the advertised level meaning that many consumers will have to separately purchase a microSD slot to increase the capacity available on the phone.

This news will of course be frustrating for many people who have already bought the device, and many will no doubt be disappointed that Samsung has been misleading. However, most people will probably see this as a small price to pay given the outstanding specifications that the phone boasts, and unlikely to severely affect sales.