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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini priced at £390 (now open for pre-order)

It was only last May (end of the said month to be exact) when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini. We all heard about the phone’s features and all but the Korean tech giant failed to inform us about its price. Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Mini-gets-UK-SIM-free-price

Now, Three UK is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini when it becomes available next month (July). Phones4U and EE have also confirmed the phone’s availability next month.

Clove UK started their Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pre-order campaign and the said retailer is the first one to give a price to its Galaxy S4 Mini. With the said retailer you can pre-order the device for £390 (this is VAT inclusive), while their supply is expected to come in early next month.

Meanwhile, Carphone Warehouse is now offering pre-orders for the said smartphone. However, their device is available only under 2-year contracts with tariffs starting at £27/month. If you think this is for you, then you can get the Galaxy S4 for “FREE”.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is also available for pre-order via other retailers and is priced at €449 (SIM-free variant).


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