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Samsung Galaxy S4 put through a series of torture tests

We’ve all seen how slim the Galaxy S4 (for more info on the Samsung Galaxy S4 click here) is. Due to this, you may feel that the smartphone is too frail for your taste. Samsung proves you wrong by putting the handset through a series of torture tests (for related story click here). It has shown these tests in a video (to watch video click here).nexusae0_Expecting-the-Unexpected-GALAXY-S4-Reliability-Testing-2

In the “consecutive drop test,” a machine drops the S4 numerous times. In the “free-fall test,” it is dropped numerous times from a significant height. In the “tumble test,” the smartphone is tumbled around again and again in a machine. In the “impact test,” a heavy weight is dropped on the display. In the “sink test,” it is dunked in water. In the “temperature & humidity torture test,” the phone is put into a machine wherein the humidity is warm enough to instantly melt butter and ice.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 survives, which means it is not only slim but also tough.

Do these tests prove to you that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is tough? Do you now want to get your hands on the smartphone? Let us know through a comment below.

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