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The Samsung Galaxy S4 To Sport An “Unbreakable” Display

The mobile phone rumour mill is currently dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S4, the reported successor to the globally popular Galaxy S3. We have seen numerous reports about this new device pop up over the last few weeks and the latest to emerge relates to the durability of the screen that will be used on the phone.

New reports from Reuters news agency suggest that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a new type of display that is nearly impossible to break. Samsung will replace the glass panel that is traditionally used on phone displays with a new, tough plastic screen which is supposedly unbreakable. This extra durability will give the S4 a major selling point over many rival handsets and it will strike a chord with the scores of consumers who have suffered a broken phone screen at some point in the past. It looks as though the model will not sacrifice quality for this extra toughness as rumours are suggesting that the pixel density on the new screen will be a staggering 441PPI thanks to the 1080P resolution that it will offer. Samsung are also boosting the size of the screen from 4.8 inches that features on the Galaxy S3 to 4.99 inches. Check out Samsung Galaxy S4 packages here

Of course the dozens of rumours emerging about this new handset have not been confirmed but the picture will be much clearer as we enter into 2013 and we see what is revealed at the major phone exhibitions being held in the early part of next year. Indeed it is suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially unveiled at either MWC or CES 2013 ready for a launch during the second quarter of the year. The phone will be hoping to emulate the success of the Galaxy S3, the worlds most popular smartphone. Sales already top 30 million for this device and with months until an expected S4 release hopes are high that this figure could rise to 50 million. For more Samsung Galaxy S4 News please click here

We are a little way fro reaching 2013 but already the Samsung Galaxy S4 is shaping up to be one of the biggest models released next year. The fact that the model will boast a screen that is nearly impossible to break will extend the appeal of this impressive looking device.