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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiling To Be Streamed Live On The Net

images (2)We are only at the first quarter of 2013 but we have already seen the launch of two of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone models in recent months, the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One.


However, one particular mobile device is causing a lot of excitement among smartphone enthusiasts and this is Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S3 model, which is the current model is one of the most successful smartphones of the last year and it is easy to understand why so many people are enthusiastically anticipating its successor.


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is expected to become a major hit for the South Korea-based mobile manufacturer. The current Galaxy S3 model was not only able to reach very high levels of market success, but the phone is also regarded to be one of the most outstanding smartphones to be launched in recent years, further fuelling anticipation for the Galaxy S4’s launch. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 on our website and compare Samsung Galaxy S4 deals.


The phone is rumoured to sport a 5 inch HD display, a powerful quad-core processor and a 12 megapixel camera and these impressive specs make it very easy to see why there is so much anticipation leading up to its announcement. Fortunately, we will not be waiting for much longer anymore because Samsung has made an announcement that it will be unveiling the phone on March 14th. uSwitch reports are saying that the invitations for the launch event for Galaxy S4 have now been given out to the press. The event will take place at Times Square in New York. Reports also mentioned that the launch event will be streamed live on the internet, as was the case of the Galaxy S3’s announcements. No official name has been given by the manufacturer, but the invitations that were sent for the launching event read ‘Be ready 4 the next Galaxy’ hinting at the phone’s name and all but confirming the assumed title of the device.


We will bring you updates until the launch of the phone, and as usual we will compare every Samsung Galaxy S4 contract from UK networks when the phone has been released so you get the best deal.