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Samsung Galaxy S4 video teaser part 2 (young Jeremy Maxwell returns)

Samsung released the second part of its Unpacked 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 video teaser via YouTube. The second part of Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 video teaser features the return of young Jeremy Maxwell. Young Samsung secret agent was ordered to keep the box safe and to keep everything as a top secret.

Now, this new video started with young Jeremy getting out of the car and entering the phone while trying to avoid the little nosy and annoying friend of his. Moving on, the short video may have shown us that young Jeremy witnessed everything in the privacy of his own room, while trying to avoid his mom and his annoying friend.

We may not actually see what’s inside the box, but reading from the clues given to us, Jeremy said: “It’s my favorite colour” while holding out his opened cookies. If you base it with the young man holding out the cookies, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 could land in Brown and in White variants. But if you also check out the boy’s ties (two colours as well) it could be marble blue and white variants again or the other tie’s colour which is red. Well, for now all we can do is to guess. But the Samsung Unpacked 2013 event is happening on the 14th of this month. That is basically, two days more from today.

In the video young Jeremy also said: “pretty irresistible” and added how this one will “blow you” away. You can also hear his mother saying “….for your big day” and Jeremy repeated the phrase (two times) “big day big day” as well. Previous speculations suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come in with a bigger display than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Two more days, until the Samsung Unpacked 2013 event happens in New York City. Samsung’s Big day is happening soon!

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