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Samsung Not To Launch Galaxy S3 64GB In The UK

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched back in May, and has quickly become the bestselling smartphone of the year. In the UK and a number of other countries, this handset is still top of the mobile phone sales charts. So far in the UK, there have been two versions of the Galaxy S3 available.  These differ by their internal storage capacities which are 16GB and 32GB.


However, there has recently been speculation about the 64 GB variant hitting the UK market.  However, it appears that this may not be the case after all.  A prominent online retailer had previously listed the 64 GB variant of Samsung’s flagship Android phone on its site.  However, it has recently been taken off the site, replaced with a message commenting that the phone will not be coming to the UK after all.  The website in question is generally well known when it comes to stocking smartphones ahead of launch and making them available for pre-order.


Aside from having a higher level of internal storage, the 64GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports an exact same spec list as models with lower storage variants.  It has the same 8 megapixel camera, quad-core processor, 4.8 inch HD screen and Android operating system among plenty of innovative software features which have made the Galaxy S3 a bestseller. The latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Info can be found on our website along with the most popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Contracts.


Also, because the 16GB and 32GB variants have a microSD slot, users can simply utilises this to install a memory card of up to 64GB should they wish to achieve higher levels of storage.  Of course, this is also much cheaper than purchasing a phone with a higher storage capacity, which may explain why there is not high demand for the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 in the UK.