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Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple Fans In New Galaxy S3 Commercial

Samsung has recently released a print advert comparing a number of key features of the Galaxy S3 with the new Apple iPhone 4S.  It is produced in such a way that makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 appear to be the superior smartphone.  This was recently followed up by a YouTube video by Samsung Mobile USA, which is apparently mocking Apple fans as they are queuing up outside an Apple store at the launch of the iPhone 5.


Samsung pulled a similar stunt last year when the iPhone 4S was released.  At the time, its current Galaxy S2 model was already on the market, and used the slogan “the next big thing is already here”, which is also used in the new advert.  The video shows a line of Apple fans waiting outside an Apple store for the iPhone 5, which is now a familiar scene whenever the California based manufacturer releases its latest smartphone model.


The video appears to be mocking Apple fans as they are queuing up.  They are shown to be having conversations about some of the features of the device, which are worded and acted in such a manner that it that the Apple fans are getting over excited about features which are matched or even outdone by the Galaxy S3.


One of the people waiting in line starts using a Samsung Galaxy S3, and is then asked by someone else in the queue why they are waiting in line if they have the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The reply is “I’m saving a spot for someone”.  Later on in the advert, this character’s parents turn up and thank him for saving a spot in the line.  Of course, this is an attempt to make the iPhone brand look uncool, and points out the fact that this appears that almost everyone seems to have an iPhone.


Several other features of the handset are addressed.  Two people using Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets are shown using the S-Beam feature to wirelessly share a music playlist by simply touching the phones together.  The Apple fans look on in amazement, as such a feature is not included with the new iPhone.


This and is the latest swipe at Apple by Samsung, and has left us eager to say what else the South Korean technology giant has up his sleeve.

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