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Samsung Target High Sales For Tablet Devices And The Samsung Galaxy S4 In 2013

One of Samsung’s ranges that has consistently sold well over the last three years is the Galaxy S range and thanks to this success hopes are now high for the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the coming months. As well as hoping that this new device achieves a great response the company are also hoping that their tablet devices will receive a boost of success which will help them to obtain the number one sport as the best manufacturer in the world.galaxy s4

Over the next few months we will see aggressive campaigning from Samsung as they launch their new Samsung Galaxy S4 in the hope that both this new device and their tablet range will receive as much attention as possible across the globe. It is the Korean manufacturers hope that their new flagship device will reach a huge 40 million units shipped according to one of the company executives. We saw both the Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 achieve record sales in 2012 and this has given the company high hopes for their new generation model. The company are hoping for better result in terms of their tablet business as well as strong S4 sales. The Korean giants offer a great range of tablet models, however their sales figures have not reached the same highs as their smartphone range. Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S4 News

Samsung are hoping that they will achieve double the sales of tablet devices across the globe in 2013. This is expected to be assisted by a combination of aggressive marketing alongside the launch of some impressive new models. Just last week we saw one of these models announced in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is a miniature tablet that has been manufactured to compete with the likes of the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini. It is still expected that most of the business that the company generates in 2013 will come from the Samsung Galaxy S4. The unveiling of this new device is said to be on March the 14th and is rumoured to boast some outstanding specification which include a 1080P 4.99 inch display and an Octa core processor. Check out fantastic Samsung Galaxy S4 offers here

2013 is expected to be another great year for Samsung with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and some impressive tablet devices drumming up most of their business