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Samsung teases us with latest tweet for the Galaxy S4

It is no longer a rumour. Well I am talking about the much-talked about Samsung Galaxy S4 March 14 unveiling. Yes, for quite some time now, we have been hearing about this particular rumour. Now, (thanks to the Korean tech giant’s February 25th Tweet), we can now expect a Galaxy S4 unveiling come March 14thSamsung tweet unpacked

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (predecessor of the S4) debuted in London last year. Now, US carriers pushed hard for an American launch for the Galaxy S4 (and they did it).

Now, according to Samsung’s latest tweet and shared photo, the event will take place in New York City on the 14th of March.

“March 14. Ready 4 the show? #UNPACKED”, along with a photo that reads: “Come and meet the next Galaxy”.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S3 became such a huge success for the Korean tech giant. The company was also able to challenge the iPhone’s dominance. In addition, the Galaxy S3 is seen as Android phones’ standard-bearer. SamsungMobile

2012 saw Samsung overtook Apple as the world’s top smartphone maker and the Samsung Galaxy range basically destroyed the iPhone for four consecutive quarters.

Although Apple still has a bit of a larger market share than Samsung in the US, it still hasn’t stop the Korean tech giant for pushing for more.

We all heard about the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in with a bigger and higher resolution display. It is also said to top the Galaxy S3’s camera and processor.

With the Mobile World Congress 2013 happening soon, it is only normal for different phone makers to try to take the spotlight from both Apple and Samsung.

With brand name still being the top reason for people when buying their gadgets, it’s not far for both Samsung and Apple to still top the mobile race for this year.

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