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Sony Xperia U To Get Android Jellybean Update This Month

Although Sony has failed to make much of an impression on the smartphone market with its Xperia range, it produces some of the most impressive devices on the market.  Devices like the Sony Xperia T have a number of notable high end features, and also boast Sony’s excellent design, shared by many other Xperia handsets which arguably makes them among the most aesthetically pleasing smartphones available.


The Sony Xperia U is more of a mid range handset in the Xperia range than a high-end device, but still packs plenty of impressive features and the same impressive aesthetic appeal.  The Sony Xperia U was first launched back in May, and came with the Android Gingerbread operating system as standard.  Shortly after its launch though, an update to a later variant of the Google owned operating system was launched, upgrading the phone to the Ice Cream Sandwich platform.  Unusually for a phone which ships with Gingerbread, it appears that the device is also in line for yet another update, bringing the latest version of Android called Jellybean to the device.


This information comes to us by way of Android Authority, which claims that an anonymous source revealed info about the update.  While this may not seem too reliable, a post on the Facebook page of Sony Mobile Italy has more credibility, and makes us believe that this is indeed true. Visit us at PhonesLimited for Sony Xperia U Price Comparison and more Sony Xperia U updates.


It appears that if you own the Sony Xperia U, you may not have much longer to wait before you are able to update the handset to version 4.1 of Android.  According to an Android update scheduled released by Sony a few months ago, we can expect to see the Xperia U along with the Xperia Go, Sola and P models receiving the update at some point in December.


It is rare for a smartphone which originally came with Android Gingerbread to get an update to the Jellybean version, so is good to see that Sony is not solely concentrating on its high end devices when it comes to its Android update scheduled.