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Sony Xperia Z Contracts launched on Vodafone & 3 Mobile

The new Sony Xperia Z has now been released on two UK networks; Vodafone & 3 Mobile, originally only available to order as a SIM free phone the new XPERIA Z can now be connected to a large range of contract deals and offers with a free phone available on selected pay monthly tariffs.

Sony Xperia Z deals on Vodafone start with line rental prices from £21 line rental whilst on 3 Mobile the Xperia Z will currently cost £34 per month (this will be significantly cheaper once third party retailers receive stocks and launch their own deals), as a further incentive there is a free pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones on offer with Vodafone deals making your music experience even better!

Best Sony Xperia Z contract deals on Vodafone & 3 Mobile

Sony’s Xperia Z is a big handset with big features, ideal for those who like a smartphone’s size to match its specs. The handset’s crowning glory is its 5-inch true HD display which has almost unbelievable clarity and is perfect for showing off photos and movies.

Whether this is streamed over a 4G LTE network or stored on the handset’s 16GB of internal memory the large display make the Xperia Z a media powerhouse – it’s almost like having a portable cinema in your pocket. Along with the eye-catching display the leading smartphone runs Android Jelly Bean, giving the user access to Google Now and making it easy to organise your digital life.

Powered by a quad-core, 1.5GHz processor and boasting 2GB of RAM there will be no hangs ups or delay, even while multi-tasking on the move. With a 13MP camera the Xperia Z is not jut a powerful solution for showing photos but is also brilliant for capturing them. Beyond all this, Sony has also made the device fully waterproof, a brilliant defence against mishaps and accidents. The Xperia Z is an eye-catching handset that looks great and makes anything on it look even better.

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