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Steve Ballmer claims Windows Phone sales up fivefold in Q4 2012

Microsoft claims that the sales of Windows Phone-powered handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 920 have increased five times in December of last year. This was announced by none other than the Software giant’s CEO, Steve Ballmer.Steve-Ballmer

Not only did Ballmer announce these unexpected sale figures for December, he also said that Windows Phone sales increased up to four times in November of 2012, compared to the same period in 2011. Sadly, the CEO did not disclose the exact sales figures.

Ballmer announced these surprising sales figures at Qualcomm’s keynote speech at CES 2013. This announcement goes against what the analyst are saying. According to analysts Windows Phone’s market share fell in Q4 2012. So we’re not really sure who to believe. We’ll have to wait for the exact figures to separate fact from fiction.

AllAboutWindowsPhone.com reports that there were approximately 2.5 million units of handsets running Windows Phone that have been sold in Q4 2012. This is nothing compared to the sales of Android handsets. The Korean tech giant sold 30 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 alone.

2013 is the year both Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 get to prove that they have a rightful place in the smartphone market. The two will be battling for third place. Android is leaps ahead in the race. In second place is iOS. We can’t wait to see who ends up in third place.

Do you believe in the Windows Phone sales figures Steve Ballmer announced at CES, or do you think this is all make-believe? Share your thoughts through a comment below.

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    Ramsey clearly does not understand the difference between sales and market share. There’s no conflict between Ballmer’s and analysts’ statements. No conflict, no story.

    Ramsey was “involved within the mobile phone industry for over 10 years”. Doing what, working on the assembly line?