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Striking New iPhone 6 Aluminium Concept Design Released

Quite often when a new smartphone is rumoured to be in the pipeline the first chance we get to see what the model may look like is courtesy of concept designs of the handset that emerge online. We are now beginning to see plenty of these emerging on the iPhone 6, the next Apple device set to include a major change in design. This week one very interesting and feasible concept has been released.iphone 6

New iPhone 6 concepts are ten a penny over the past few weeks but once in awhile a new design really stands out and catches your eye. The latest to do this has its own dedicated webpage named i-phone6.de and shows the model sporting a stylish coloured aluminium body. In the images of the device that have been posted it is shown in both a baby blue colour along with a really vibrant red. At a glance the handset offers a much squarer design than iPhone models that we have seen released and judging by the designs the model is also super slim. According to the designer the use of Aluminium on this device will also help to make it the most lightweight iPhone handset ever released.

Along with various pictures of this new iPhone 6 concept on its own website there is also some information with reference to the software and interface that will feature. The device is shown running on the new iOS7 platform but with some interface tweaks which include attractive, rounded numeric dialling keys and a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The interface is also designed so that the background colour ties in exactly with the colouration of the body shell. Other interesting aspects of this latest concept include the inclusion of a micro USB port and a brand new edge to edge display measuring 4.5 inches. Browse a host of iPhone 6 deals as they are announced.

There has been no official word on the iPhone 6 as yet so the nearest we will get to seeing what the model may look like is concept designs such as this one. Whether these ideas turn out to be a reality on the actual handset remains to be seen.