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Teardown of iPhone 5 reveals A6 chip and more

Apple’s iPhone 5 has now been officially released in shops. To confirm what Apple claims lies within the new device, you must be tempted to take the phone apart to find out for yourself. Fortunately, someone has already done this for you.

Apple is well known for being tight-lipped on the specs of its products, whether the device has been officially unveiled or not. If you visit the spec page of the new iPhone, you’re not going to find the A6. The repair expert, iFixit, has dismantled the smartphone, confirming what Apple claims lies within. Components such as a 4G chip, a nano-SIM tray, and an 8-pin dock connector have been confirmed.

iFixit has also revealed the A6 chip. The chipset is ARMv7-based and is labeled Elpida LP DDR2 SDRAM. What this means is that Samsung was no longer contracted by Apple to supply the processors for the new iPhone.

The teardown also reveals the manufacturers of other components. The battery was made by Sony. Touchscreen components have been made by Texas Instruments. Qualcomm was in charge of the phone’s 4G tech. For the very first time, the iPhone 5 now supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies.

The teardown has also revealed that the new iPhone is much easier to repair compared to past iPhone models. Suction cups will make it easier to remove the screen.

The iPhone 5 may be easier to repair, but you should still be careful. Accidentally breaking one of the components will be more expensive. For example, the LCD, glass, and touch-sensitive film are all part of one component. Breaking this will be like breaking all three.

Would you tear down the iPhone 5 yourself, or are you happy iFixit has done it for you? Share your thoughts through a comment.

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