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The iPhone 5 Welcomes The New Office Mobile Software From Microsoft

Speculation about the arrival of Microsoft Office for iOS mobile devices such as the iPhone 5 has been going on for many months now but it now looks as though the eagerly awaited software has finally arrived. This will give millions of iOS users across the globe the opportunity to access the package from their mobile device. iphone 5

The new Microsoft Office package for the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices seems to have taken forever to arrive but finally it is now available from the iTunes App Store. In terms of timing Microsoft could not have introduced this new software at a better time. Apple is currently dominating headlines following their recent WWDC event where the new iOS7 operating system was unveiled. The Microsoft package will be known as Office Mobile and it will enable users to access popular programmes such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The actual application itself is a free download although to use it consumers will need a subscription to Office 365, something that they are likely to have is they are running the home version of the software. The screen on devices such as the iPhone 5 is obviously much smaller than on desktop PC’s and Tablets so Microsofts have especially adapted Office Mobile to be displayed on this relatively small screen. Full integration with Skydrive and Sharepoint is also included.

One of the big attractions of the new Office Mobile package for the iPhone 5 is how it works seamlessly with other Office products that the consumer may be running. Take reading a document for example, thanks to Skydrive you can stop reading on your desktop and pick up from the exact same page automatically on your mobile handset. Microsoft have also acknowledged the fact that users may not always have an online connection so the offline editing mode enables you to work on documents which will then automatically be saved to the cloud once a connection has been established. A whole list of other clever features allow the easy editing, viewing and creation of documents while on the move. Cheapest iPhone 5 Vodafone bundles avaialble now.

Millions of consumers currently use Microsoft office products and the introduction of the software on the iPhone 5 and other iOS device means that many of these will now have the opportunity to use the package on their mobile device.