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The iPhone 5 Will Have The Benefits Of All New iOS7 Features

One of the highlights in the Apple calendar is the WWDC event where the company take the opportunity to showcase some of the upcoming software that they have planned for their devices. This years event has just finished and one of the highlights was the new iOS7 platform for mobile devices. This software will be accessible by a range of older devices but new speculation suggests that only the iPhone 5 will get the full version of the new software.iphone 5

There is no question that one of the highlights of WWDC was the new iOS7 package. This latest version of Apple’s operating system boasts a complete redesign as well as an arsenal of new features and functionality however it will come as a blow to a number of iOS users that only the iPhone 5 handset will have access to the complete range of new features offered by the platform. This news was revealed on a forum hosted by tech internet site TechCrunch and it has been stated that the iPhone 5 along with the latest iPod Touch models will be the only existing handsets who will reap the full benefits of iOS7. One of the big new features on the platform is the new Airdrop facility that will enable users to easily share files and content with other iOS users. The latest iPad and iPad Mini will join the two previously mentioned device in being able to offer this facility.

A new and improved panoramic camera mode plays a big part in Apple’s latest software and it looks as though the complete range of iPads along with the iPhone 4 will not be able to use this functionality. These models along with the iPhone 4S will also not be able to take advantage of the new instant camera filters that have been introduced. Some handsets will not have any access to iOS7 at all. Anybody still running an iPhone 3GS model unfortunately will have to stick with iOS6 although this could have been predicted given the age of the model. There is better news for fans of Siri as all devices that can offers this excellent voice recognition service will get a number of improvements to the service and the new iRadio music streaming facility will also be available across all models. Fancy an Apple iPhone 5 on a pay monthly deal then check us out.

There is set to be some major changes introduced with the new iOS7 operating system but anybody owning a handset older than the iPhone 5 will have to make do with limited access to some of the softwares great new features.