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The iPhone 5S-iOS7 On Schedule To Debut With This Exciting New Model

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding when we will see the iPhone 5S arrive. Early reports suggested that the model would arrive mid summer but more recently we have been hearing that the model will make a more traditional September appearance due to production delays. The good news for Apple is that one product that does not seem to have been affected by delays is the new iOS7 operating system which according to reports is on schedule.iphone 5s

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and is used by numerous Apple products including the iPod, iPAd and iPhone. iOS7 is the eagerly awaited next edition of this software and is set to be released this coming September along with the new iPhone 5S. Unlike other new Apple products the latest software appears to be on schedule at the moment and this has been confirmed by a number of inside sources according to the AllThingsD website. The reports have also been backed up by Jim Dalrymple who is a renowned Apple watcher. He reported on his popular blog that iOS7 is progressing well and is set to arrive as expected. The first glimpse that we should get of this new platform will be at Apple’s WWDC event which is taking place between the 10th and 14th of June. Click here for more iPhone 5S News

We are expecting to see iOS7 deliver some major changes to the operating system. As has been reported earlier it has been confirmed that design Guru Sir Jony Ive is the man in charge of updating the platform and it has been reported that he is keen to deliver a flatter platform than previous versions. This means that we could see functions such as the Notes and Reminders revamped to match other aspects of the software. In a bid to ensure that the new software arrives on time Apple have drafted in developers from their OS X 10.9 platform and this is not the first time Apple have done this. Back in 2007 when the original iOS platform was being developers they made a similar move. Consumers will get a chance to get hands on with the software in September when it arrives alongside the iPhone 5S. Get the best iPhone 5S packages here

Despite various new Apple devices experiencing production issues it looks as though the new iOS7 platform is not experiencing such issues and should arrive on schedule with the iPhone 5S later this year.