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Three Rolls Out Android Jellybean Update To Sony Xperia T On Pay Monthly Contracts

images (2)The Sony Xperia Z has quickly become one of the most talked about Android handsets recently, after the Japanese manufacturer announced it a few weeks ago at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. However, the Xperia range also includes many other decent handsets at varting price points.


Prior to the launch of the Xperia Z, it was the Xperia T that was regarded as the flagship bearer of the Xperia. In fact, the handset was even chosen to be used by James Bond in the Skyfall movie, thus, giving huge exposure for the phone. The impressive features of the Xperia T certainly deserve flagship status. Some of the specs of the phone are high-res 4.55 display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 16 GB internal storage, and a 13MP camera.


The phone originally comes with the Android v4.0 OS called Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the device is now subject to the latest update, Android 4.1.2 aka Jellybean. Owners of phone SIM-free and unlocked are lucky enough to be the first ones to download and install the update. Users of phone that have a pay per month contract may have to wait for their network operator to approve the software and make it available. Visit our website to learn more about the Sony Xperia T and find the cheapest deals on Sony Xperia T contracts.


Among the biggest network operators in the UK is Three and it has just made a recent announcement via Twitter that users of Sony Xperia T with contract deals can already now download and install the update. One can update his/her phone’s operating system by connecting it to a PC and using the Sony  software provided with the phone or via Wifi or data connectivity.


To improve the device’s performance is the main function of the update made to the Android Jellybean OS. After updating your phone, you will find the user interface to respond faster. Notification menus and keyboard are redesigned and Google Now and other new features are added.


If you have already installed Android v4.1.2 Jellybean to your Xperia T, share your opinions about the software in the comment section below.