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Twitter Update Benefits Users Of The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE is one of the leading handsets currently available and the excellent connectivity options on this phone coupled with the large display makes the device perfect for social networking fans. Several great apps are available for this model including Twitter and now users can take advantage of an update for this service that delivers a number of improvements. galaxy s3 lte

Twitter is one of the most popular mobile applications around and now the service has been updated for users of Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE. Users on the iOS platform will also be able to take advantage of the new improvements but it is Android that see’s the most changes implemented. Among the new features that are common to both platforms is the new Discover view. This presents a wealth of information in a single feed with items such as Tweets, follower recommendations, trends and activity all appearing. Search facilities have also improved and results are now delivered featuring images and user accounts as well as Tweets. Slight alterations have been applied to the Connect tab on the app which now only displays interactions with the user. For people wanting to view the “Mentions” option this can easily be adjusted from the setting menu within the application. Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE News.

The changes above effect both the Android and iOS versions of the popular Twitter application but Android users can also take advantage of one or two other slight changes not available on the iOS version. Android users will now be able to include paragraph break within the Tweets that they post. The app also makes use of Holo UI guidelines on various elements including menus, progress bar, pop ups and the Setting menu. Holo UI is not used on the entire application however meaning that the Android version does still closely resemble its iOS counterpart. The ideal Android device for consumers wanting to make the most of Twitter is the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE. This phone offers a large 4.8 inch screen which uses Super AMOLED technology to produce crystal clear image quality. This is coupled with super fast 4G LTE connectivity for the ultimate in mobile data transfer speeds. Check out fantastic Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE offers here

The new Twitter update is now available for Android and iOS users but it is Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE that will get the full benefits from the update.