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UK HTC One X owners now receiving their Jelly Bean update

HTC One X UK owners are currently getting their Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS update, this was reported on XDA Developer forums. According to some reports, different HTC One X owners from all over the globe are now saying that they too have started receiving their Jell Bean update. 

It was only last month when a report stated that HTC started to rollout the Android 4.1 OS update to their former flagship device the HTC One X. The said initial Jelly Bean OS update rollout hit a couple of Asian countries including Taiwan and Singapore.

Now, after a month, this Android OS update is slowly spreading all across the globe. A report made by HTCsource also said that unlocked variant of the HTC One X in Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the UK, have started to get their Jelly Bean OS update.

If you currently own one and you haven’t received your Jelly Bean OS update, then all you have to do is to go to the phone’s Settings> About> Software updates> Check now. If you are lucky, the said OS update is right there and you can start updating your phone’s OS now.

As I have mentioned earlier, only the unlocked HTC One X variant seems to be getting the said Jelly Bean OS update. Some carrier locked devices are still in the dark when it comes to their Jelly Bean OS update. Don’t be surprised about this one, this is basically normal when it comes to Android updates for different mobile carriers all over the globe. The update must be tested first before they will release it to their respective subscribers. Just so you know, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in the UK (some of them) are still waiting for their Jelly Bean OS update. So it’s not only you.

Just to give you a heads up, the said Jelly Bean update is quite a huge file. At first, you will get the initial installation file of 1.6MB, after that you will have to deal with 364.54MB download.  So you have to be patient for this.

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