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Ultrapixels on HTC’s up and coming flagship device?

The rumours surrounding the HTC M7 is becoming stronger as days pass us by. Yes, the up and coming HTC flagship device, the M7 is widely believed to be soon unveiled at a press event scheduled on the 19th of this month. exmorrs-5

In addition, according to new talks, the HTC M7’s camera resolution may not be Megapixels but ‘Ultrapixels’. Yes, this is the word from Pocket-Lint, which quotes sources saying that the M7 will not have one but three camera sensors for images.

The phone’s new camera will be made up of three 4.3MP sensor layers that will be used to combine into a single resulting image. If you add up three 4.3MPs, then you will end up with 13MP. But images from the new HTC device won’t be output at that huge size.

Now, the technique is the same one of Sigma’s in Foceon X3 sensor. Meaning that the three 4.3MP lots can represent one final pixel. All of the extra data can be combined to generate a cleaner image. In the case of Foveon sensor, better colour accuracy result.

Yes, the Taiwanese phone maker gained more market share and profit by simply partnering up with Google and its Android OS, however, it still succumbed to the Korean tech giant’s rise, of course with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 2.

For HTC to simply compensate, the company tried (and of course failed) to stand out from the crowd with their key features (i.e. ImageSense camera chip and Beats Audio investment).

HTC is no Apple or Samsung, so in order for them to stay alive, they must always try to find ways to be different. A brighter camera solution is promising indeed.

Yes, HTC’s press conference is almost here. Maybe this rumour is true, and maybe it’s not true at all. But, all we have to do is to wait until the said HTC press event starts.

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