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US will get quad-core Samsung Galaxy S4 not the octa-core variant

If new rumours are to be believed, then the US will not get the same octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, according to the recent rumours, the US will only get the quad-core variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, while the rest of the market will be enjoying the more powerful octa-core powered device. This is according to Bloomberg who cited “two people familiar with the product”. 181015_10151291173116786_1643199269_n

We have seen the US receive a dual-core Samsung Galaxy S3 while the rest of the market enjoyed the quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3 variant. So, this news is really nothing new and not even close to being unusual.

It also appears that US Samsung fans are not really affected with them receiving a quad-core variant of the Galaxy S4. Well, quad-core processors are still more than capable of handling the Android OS (new iterations) and even demanding apps. Maybe if the news is all about the US receiving a dual-core variant of the Galaxy S4 only, that is the only time we will hear them complaint about the whole thing.

Moving on to more news about the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3, recently, Samsung Mobile USA released a teaser image of the Galaxy S4. If you look closely at it, you will notice how the new device basically resembles the Galaxy S3. According to reports, the Galaxy S4 could have a curved back just like its predecessor.

Also recently, we saw different versions of the Galaxy S4 leaks from different sources. But if you are to ask me, only of them actually conforms to what Samsung posted recently.

It is only a matter of hours before the world will finally witness the unveiling of the new Samsung flagship device. The question is, are you ready for it?

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