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Virgin Atlantic boarding pass can be saved in Passbook on your iPhone

Can’t stand printing and losing your boarding pass? If you own an iPod touch, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5, you no longer have to worry about printing your boarding pass. All you have to do is store it on your iPhone via Passbook. Now, Virgin Atlantic is the first UK airline to offer the service.

The airline offers its customers the option to save their boarding passes on their iPhone. The process is easy. All you have to do is book a flight with Virgin Atlantic online. Then save the boarding pass on your iOS-powered smartphone. No longer do you need to bring a print-out with you when in the airport.

At Virgin Atlantic’s official website, you can check in and opt to send the boarding pass to Passbook. If this option is chosen, you’ll get an email with an attachment for Passbook.

Once the attachment is opened, the boarding pass, QR code (square barcode), and other details will be added to the Passbook app. Using Passbook means that you’ll no longer have to check-in when you get to the airport. All you have to do is drop off your bags, pass through security, have Virgin Atlantic’s staff scan the code, and fly off.

In the UK, QR codes on the Passbook app can be used in three Virgin Atlantic airports, including Gatwick, Manchester, and Heathrow. They can also be used in selected airports around the world.

Currently, Virgin Atlantic is the only airline in the UK that allows customers to use Passbook. Other airlines allow the use of Passbook flying to the US. These are Lufthansa, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

The Passbook app can also be used to add points to your Starbucks loyalty card and booking a room in a hotel via iHotel.

Will you using Passbook to save your boarding pass on your iPhone when flying Virgin Atlantic? Let us know through a comment below.