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Vodafone Database Lists The Apple iPhone 6

images (1)It currently seems that almost every day there new rumours about which will be the next version of the Apple iPhone to hit the market. Over the last few months, it seems that there have been dozens of rumours speculating about the next instalment of Apple’s iconic smartphones series.

Currently, plenty of rumours have been suggesting that the next iPhone model hit the market will be an upgraded iPhone 5S model, an all new iPhone 6 device or a budget addition. Obviously, we will not know for sure until Apple makes an official announcement, but in recent weeks there have been rumours from some very credible sources with compelling evidence to back up their claims.

Recently, Pocket Lint has reported on another rumour that the iPhone 6 will be the next model to hit the market. The website has posted a photo of Vodafone’s inventory database, which was apparently taken by an employee and sent to Stuff Magazine. The photo clearly shows ‘4G iPhone 6′ on the network’s inventory list. We will be sure to bring you the best iPhone 6 deals on our website when it is launch, as well as the latest iPhone 6 news.

Because Vodafone is one of the biggest networks in the UK and also has operations in a number of other countries, this makes it one of the most compelling pieces of evidence we have seen on the subject so far. Because Vodafone is such a major company, it would seem unlikely that an entry into its inventory database would be a mistake. Furthermore, Vodafone is reportedly gearing up to launch its own 4G service in the UK, so a 4G compatible iPhone 6 will of course be a big business for the company.

Of course, the photo is by no means official confirmation that the iPhone 6 will be the next version to hit the market. However, it is certainly one of the most convincing we have seen so far. Having said that, several other sources have offered credible evidence that point to the rumoured budget iPhone model or the iPhone 5S being next to hit the market, but until Apple makes an official announcement we will not know for sure.