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Will Nokia Announce EOS At Press Event In London This Month?

images (1)It has recently been revealed that Nokia will be holding a press event in London on May 14th. It is anticipated that this event will used to unveil a new high-end smartphone model, causing plenty of excitement among smartphone enthusiasts.

Originally, speculation suggested that the event would be used to unveil the recently revealed Lumia 925 model. This phone is believed to be the long awaited Nokia Catwalk, or an international variant of the Nokia Lumia 928 which is soon to be launched. However, it has recently been suggested that the launch event may have used to unveil a different phone altogether. Visit our website for the latest Nokia EOS news and the best Nokia Lumia 920 prices.

Tech Radar has recently reported that a number of sources have suggested that the phone unveiled at the event will a device called the Nokia EOS. This phone has been speculated for some time now, and seems to be one of the most interesting offerings from Nokia in recent years. The phone does not fall into the company’s Lumia series, but is believed to run the Windows Phone operating system. However, the standout feature of this phone is its camera. It is rumoured that the Nokia EOS will utilise the same camera as found on last year’s Nokia PureView 808 model. This phone was the last device made by Nokia with the Symbian OS, and boasts a camera with a huge 41 megapixel resolution sensor. This camera still remains unrivalled by any other smartphone model in terms of its resolution.

There is not much information available regarding other features of the device, but several sources have suggested that it may be the first Windows phone to sport a quad-core processor. While a few sources have speculated that the phone may come with an aluminium body, most believe it will utilise a similar polycarbonate casing to that found on the Nokia Lumia 920.

Over the coming weeks, we can expect plenty more news about upcoming Nokia devices, and we will be sure to bring you all the details from the launch event, whichever phone is unveiled.