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New Year’s Eve Paris Apple Shop robbery

Paris Opera district, an Apple Store was robbed by armed and masked men on New Year’s Eve. This also happened under the watchful noses of Paris’ riot police men patrolling the nearby Champs Elysees. Report claims that a group of armed and masked men took off with £780,000 or One Million Euros worth of Apple products. 

The group forced their way to the shop’s back entrance at 9PM last night. This is about three hours after the store closed and it also happened as the janitor was leaving the shop. The poor janitor was ‘lightly injured’ in the said event last night.

The thieves opted to steal stocked materials instead of taking with them displayed iPhones, iPads, and Macs. A parked truck was noticed nearby and was used as the group’s getaway vehicle.

French police representative Christophe Crepin said: “They prepared their coup pretty well.” Crepin also noted that it was quite easy to escape the area due to large boulevards nearby and that it led to different parts of the city.

Police source said that there was no shortage of security forces in that area during New Year’s Eve and in fact there were added riot police from out of town to patrol crowded areas in the likes of Champs Elysees (where there were 300,000 people who celebrated New Year’s Eve).

Police source said: “A police presence is put in place every New Year’s near the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, and Champs-Elysees, but that doesn’t intervene at all with the regular security on duty in other parts of Paris”.

Now, how many iPhone 5s or iPads and Macs have been stolen last New Year’s Eve in Paris? There is still no official report from both the Store manager and the Paris’ Police.

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