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New York mayor blames increased crime rate on iPhone and iPad

The mayor of New York City is blaming an increased crime rate on Apple’s popular devices the iPhone and the iPad.

According to NYTimes.com via 9to5Mac, New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, blames the iPhone and the iPad for an increased crime rate in 2012. According to figures from the city’s police department, an additional 3,484 major crimes were recorded in 2012 compared to the prior year. Major crimes include robbery, grand larceny, and murder. There have been 3,890 more Apple device thefts in 2012 compared to 2011.

It seems the rising popularity of Apple devices is to blame. Marc La Vorgna, Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary, said, “If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year.”

The mayor blamed the iPhones and iPads on his weekly radio show, saying the devices were thieves’ first choice. He did say, however, stolen rival devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 were not included in the police’s figures.

So how do you prevent thieves from getting their hands on your precious iPhone? The mayor says, “Put it in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes, that you can feel if it was — if somebody put their hand in your pocket, not just an outside coat pocket.”

According to La Vorgna, “The proliferation of people carrying expensive devices around is so great. It’s something that’s never had to be dealt with before.”

Are iPhones and iPads the cause of an increased crime rate? Let us know what you think through a comment below.