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Justin Timberlake Discusses the New Look and Feel of Myspace

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Justin Timberlake has had quite a year. Mirimichi, the eco-friendly golf course that he owns that is located in West Tennessee, has only continued to receive rave reviews. And then, of course, after a few breakups and a lot of media buzz and speculation, last month he married actress Jessica Biel, which finally took him off of the market.

And now, he’s back in the headlines; this time for being in social media in a bit of a different fashion. This time, it’s due to the fact that Timberlake has recently taken an ownership stake and a direct creative role in what will hopefully be the rebirth of a website that used to be the largest social network in the world: MySpace.

Oddly enough, if you have a preteen, they probably aren’t even familiar with what MySpace is because while it is greatly believed by many that there could be no Facebook success without MySpace’s initial vision, we are also are that Mark Zuckerberg’s “baby” has made MySpace seem about as useful these days as a portable CD player. Indeed, many wonder if there’s even a point to MySpace anymore; if it’s something that can be saved or is even worth saving.

Apparently, Mr. Timberlake thinks so.

Due to the fact that MySpace has always provided a platform to not just interact with other people online, but to also showcase the creative works of artists (especially musicians), that would appear to be a big part of the reason why Timberlake has taken such an interest and so many musicians have not left the site; at least completely. As a matter of fact, in 2011, Forbes reported a survey that cited that over 60 percent of MySpace members remained believing that at some point, MySpace would get the facelift that it needed to still remain afloat.

“Afloat” is no exaggeration because when a particular Orange County advertising company acquired MySpace last year, they were able to purchase it for the bargain price of $35 million. And yes, that is really cheap compared to what MySpace used to be worth: a whopping $65 billion.

Yet, it would seem that new life is being breathed into the website. Gone are a lot of ads and banners that used to be a part of its signature look. Now the website has a much more modern and sleek appearance. Now the pages of the site tend to have more of an appearance of a magazine, with plenty of room for individual profiles, the latest music news and up-to-date information. There are also features like “Discover” where you can click to hear up-and-coming and independent artists and there is also a “stream” where fans of artists are able to directly connect to them in a way that is somewhat similar to Facebook. The revamp also features two privacy settings so that the profile can be available to just friends or to the public.

It will take a while for people to catch on, but with Timberlake as a “front man” and MySpace looking like it’s actually a part of this decade, who knows? Facebook might end up having a bit of competition. After all, Timberlake did once sing about what goes around comes around. Stay tuned.