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Kinvey Vs Cocoafish Backend Mobile Server Solutions for App Developers

Cloud-based backend mobile server solutions make it easy for app developers to bring fully featured apps to market. Basically, these solutions offer developers an easy way to organize and manage app data in the cloud. They remove the need for developers to invest their own time and energy into creating custom backend solutions, and provide flexibility to scale up apps quickly and securely.

There are a number of companies offering backend mobile server solutions in the cloud. All provide a suite of robust features for app developers to get backend solutions in place quickly. Here we focus on custom backend server solutions from Kinvey and Cocoafish.

Kinvey vs. Cocoafish

Let’s start in the blue corner with Kinvey. One of the leaders of backend mobile server solutions in the cloud, Kinvey promise app developers a customized backend in three simple steps. Data is modeled easily using an intuitive interface. Once modeled, developers simply hit the save button and Kinvey auto-generates a fully featured backend.

A suite of APIs are available to drop into your app to get all those awesome features you want – like user management, social networking and geo-location / places features.

Adding to Kinvey’s appeal is their recent partnership with Urban Airship. These guys have developed a push notification system that enable developers to gain a high level of engagement with their users. The partnership is in its early days, but it all shows a lot of promise for Kinvey.

…and in the red corner – Cocoafish

San Francisco-based tech development company, Cocoafish, have recently launched a very slick backend mobile server solution for app developers. Cocoafish is very similar to Kinvey, but overall offers better functionality through predefined objects on top of the database wrapper. This makes it super-easy for app developers to get up & running quickly at the data modeling stage, and also makes integration with client development frameworks like Appcelerator easier than a walk in the park!

Just like Kinvey, Cocoafish offer a broad selection of APIs to drop into your app. Everything from social network integration to user management and post discussions are easy to grab and use.

Additionally, Cocoafish provide a customized API development service. If there’s an API you want that isn’t in the Cocoafish API suite, they’ll build it for you!


Both Kinvey and Cocoafish are excellent cloud-based data storage and data management systems. Both offer REST APIs for data on third-party systems, and both are currently in beta mode, so are free to use right now. They are certainly two of the best backend server solutions available on the market today.

Kinvey excels in its simplicity. If you want a backend solution that is quick to set up, secure and reliable, Kinvey is a good choice. You’ve also got that match-up with Urban Airship, making it a strong choice if you’re looking for good user interactivity.

Cocoafish is a very easy-to-use system too. Set-up is in three simple steps, just like Kinvey. Where Cocoafish excels is in its ‘shortcuts’ at set-up via predefined objects. This makes it so very fast and easy to use. As such, it should be the backend tool of choice for those who want the quickest backend solution, and for app developers with little backend development knowledge or experience.

by Seb Jay @beoriginaluk