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5 Top Trends in Web Design for 2012

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In the world of web design, what is considered to be up to the minute and trendy can quickly become outdated and old fashioned in just a short amount of time. It is important for anyone with a website to stay up to date with their web designs and make sure that their products and services are coming across as modern and contemporary. With so many websites out there, it is important to have yours compete with the best. Here are 5 of the top trends in web design for 2012. Try to incorporate one or all of them in your own webpage.

Magazine Style Layouts

As print media and the popularity of magazines decreases, more and more web pages are taking over and using a magazine style in order to appeal to readers. Thumbnail images are placed next to introductions or titles encouraging readers to click over and view more pages. This browsing style means that users spend more time on your webpage than they would otherwise.

Mobile Applications

More and more internet users are accessing their favorite websites from mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. This means that web design needs to be friendly for these smaller screens or have an alternative mobile page for users. You might also consider using touch screen friendly pages for the mobile applications which will help users feel more connected to the site.

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Unique Typography

In the past most web designers have stuck with a few simple tried and true fonts. While it is true that years ago unique fonts made a webpage look more amateur, today these less used types of typography can actually add interest and help an otherwise plain website stand out from the competition. Feel free to mix and match fonts within the same sentence, allowing certain key words or phrases to stand out and provide visual interest.

Large Graphics

Few internet users need to worry about slow download speeds, meaning that web designers can feel free to use larger graphics on their pages. Consider a large image as the background for your text rather than just a solid color, or use lots of pictures as icons rather than just plain buttons.

Integration with Social Media

Whenever possible, provide links or buttons that bring your website user straight to your social media pages. Not only do these links provide a quick way for potential readers and customers to interact with your brand and company on another level, but they remind users that the page is hip and fresh at the same time. If your website does not yet have social media sites, be sure to create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, among others to stay connected to your clients, customers and readers in a more hands on way.

Each of these trends are ways that you can help your webpage stay trendy, modern and up to date. Try to include large graphics, integration with social media, unique typography, mobile applications and magazine style layouts for a contemporary web design in 2012.

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