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Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

If you’ve been reading up on the latest techniques for promoting your business and website, you know that having and building your Facebook fan page is a great way to attract new people to your website and position your brand. While part of the attraction of Facebook is that it is free to use, you really have to know how to get the most out of the free part, for links to your site will not be shown to many fans. Facebook is a for-profit business and they count on your needing them to show your messages to others in order to make money. They are more than happy to show any content which keeps fans on their site, but getting them off is a little trickier. Your goals should be to make the most out of the free part and limit what you have to spend on your marketing.

Improving Visibility

If you test out different types of posts you’ll notice that certain posts will be seen by a greater number of fans. Any time you post something that a large number of people can comment on, you increase your visibility virally by having your post show up on those fans’ pages. But, when you post an outgoing link, no matter how interesting it is, you’ll notice a significantly lower number of people are shown that post. Results will vary on different days of the week and times of the day, but at the same time of day, I noticed that about 1/5 of the people who saw posts without outgoing links were shown the posts with outgoing links. On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll notice Facebook showing your post as an ad, tempting you to pay to have that post shown to more people.

It’s a simple math equation. If your free posts will only be shown to 1/5 of the people, then you need to multiply your fans by 5 to get the same number of people to see outgoing links for free.

Building Your Fan Base

Those posts that are shown to more people present your opportunity to build more fans, thus it makes sense to post more message that illicit comments and sharing than outgoing links. These posts will serve to build your fan base so more people will be shown the outgoing links when you do post them.

Posts with Viral Potential

  1. Posts that tag a fan page with a lot of fans and invite people to view that page’s content or pay that page a compliment. (Less likely to be removed by that page if you do this).
  2. Posts that ask for an opinion on a hot topic.
  3. Uploaded photos and videos.
  4. Contests that require a comment or photo be posted on your page.
  5. Clever of funny, but tasteful, comments.

Don’t neglect to answer questions, comments and complaints from fans in the mix. Facebook is your opportunity to establish your brand’s reputation, so be sure to be helpful and cordial no matter how nasty the fan gets. Others will be watching your response and your response will determine whether a potential customer will ever become a customer.

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