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How To Make Your Blogger Site Mobile Friendly And Why You Need To Do That

Increasingly more web users are accessing the internet through mobile devices these days. That includes smart phones, features phones, tablets and e-book readers.

And they want your website to have easy navigational path and big icons that are “thumb friendly” for tapping.

Do you know if you have any readers visiting your website through mobile phones?

Do you know if they are leaving your blog site because they cannot read the fonts on your site?

You Need A Mobile Friendly Blog Site

With a mobile friendly site, you do not need to squint, zoom or pan to read words on websites while using your mobile phones. Most websites unfortunately are not set up with the mobile users in mind. And reading on these sites can be challenging.

But with more people using smart phones and tablets, site owners now need to make the necessary adjustments.

You want your blog posts to load fast – under three seconds to be precise. And you want the entire site to fit into that the tiny 3-inch screen on your phone. That does not mean you squeeze everything in by shrinking your website down. You would actually need a new design for the mobile users.

WordPress.com (not the self hosted models on WordPress.org) as well as Tumblr and Posterous have standard mobile themes that cater to mobile users.

But you will need to make your Blogger blog sites mobile friendly. This is not something technical, it is just going to the right place and activating the mobile template.

Follow these steps to turn on the mobile template for your blog site on Blogger

Step 1: Log in your Blogspot Dashboard and choose Settings at the top menu

Step 2: From Settings Choose “eMail & Mobile”

step 3: Here, select “yes” to turn on the mobile template

Step 4: Preview the themes and choose the one you like.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied, you save your current setup and that would make your blog site easy to read on mobile devices.

The mobile friendly website will have a different display when viewed with a mobile device than if you were to view it using your personal computer. That way it caters to both group of readers although they are accessing the same domain or web address. This way you get to keep your readers happy no matter what devices they use to visit your site.

If your blog or website is still not mobile-friendly then this is one thing you would want to do right away. The number of mobile users will only increase. And these mobile friendly sites become more of a necessity with time.

By Louisa YS Chan
Louisa has posted a video with step by step guide on how to make your Blogger site mobile friendly on her blog.
Louisa YS Chan is a Mobile Marketing and Social Media Specialist in Kuala Lumpur helping professionals and small businesses market their products and services online.