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Top 5 Apps to scan QR coupon codes on your smart-phones

Quick Response codes (QR codes)

Quick Response codes (QR codes)

Quick Response Code (commonly known as QR code) is a relatively new form of marketing and something not many people are aware of. QR Code is an abstract square print that doesn’t make any sense when you look at it with naked eyes. However, when scanned by a QR code reader, they will reveal quite some information in form of text, video, or discount code. The smart phone users who scan these codes through the camera in their smart phone while using a QR reader will be directed to some content that can be anything from contact details to some specific information about the product or business, or even a code that customers can use to get price-cuts.

Now, consumers are already swamped by all kinds of advertisements, question is why they’d go through the hassle of scanning a QR code and read more about the business? Unless of course there’s something special in it for the customers. And the best thing that the business can offer these customers is a discount coupon such as 123inkjets coupon or 4 inkjets discounts, as a reward for those who scan these codes.

As the technique grows, and more businesses start using QR codes to share specific information or discounts, you will find yourself scanning QR codes every now and then out of curiosity. But to be able to do so, you will have to possess a smart phone with a good camera, and more importantly, a QR reading app. There are a number of freely available apps made for this purpose, and in the following article you will find a list of some of the best apps.

1.       QR Droid:

One of the most popular QR reading apps amongst Android users is QR Droid. QR Droid does pretty much everything that you need to do with QR codes. You can use it for reading the codes, scanning, or even generating QR codes. The best part is, it is freely available at Android market with quite a lot of users giving it 5 star rating. If you are using Android OS, this app should be your first choice.

2.       I-Nigma:

I-Nigma Code reader is available on almost all platforms and it is one of the most commonly used mobile bar code readers. According to 3G vision (the company behind I Nigma) the app supports more than 600 mobile phones. No wonder it is being used by more than 1.5 millions from all around the world, a big majority of these users are based in Japan (since I Nigma comes pre installed in the majority of phones). Being one of the oldest in business, I Nigma is certainly one step ahead from the other QR readers in the market.

3.       QR Reader by TapMedia:

Made primarily for I Phones, no wonders it works slightly quicker from almost any other QR reading apps on I Phone (though I haven’t personally checked all). It offers integrated web browser and map view, which is a relief, as some other QR reader don’t have an integrated browser.

4.       Quickmark:

Another app to scan all kinds of codes including Quick Response codes, or Matrix Codes. Quickmark is available on almost all platforms including Android, Apple, Windows, and Samsung Apps. Works smoothly most of the times, though some people I know weren’t so happy, but with so many platforms being supported, it is bound to get some compatibility issues on some phones). As far as my own experience is concerned, Quickmark picked up the codes real fast whenever I tried.     

5.        Mobiletag:

Available for all platforms but particularly popular with BlackBerry users, Mobiletag QR reader is a simple app for creating or reading QR codes on Blackberry. It’s very simple to create your own contact QR code or web code while using this app.

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