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The Best FireWall Software For 2012

It is a very good thing to be aware of the best computer firewall software of 2012, as this is something that’s essential for every computer. If you have never thought about security for your computer, it is about time that you did, because it’s more or less inevitable that problems will occur at some point. To safeguard your laptop, a huge difference can be made with little effort, when you install the best firewall program.

Most computers come with a built-in firewall, but added protection is always preferable. Most people who have a Windows computer will be happy with Windows 7 Firewall Control as it works well with Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 7. Your laptop will receive different levels of protection when using either the paid or free version of the software.

Other firewalls are sometimes difficult because they require extra drivers for installation – this is not the case with this particular software. There are three modes to choose from -Normal, DisableAll and EnableAll. Typically, Normal mode is the default setting. Only in unusual cases will you’ve got to use DisableAll and EnableAll to disable your applications or shut your firewall down completely. Most windows users will be perfectly well protected when using Windows 7 Firewall Control and it’s very simple to install and use.

If you are looking for a free product that you can use on your Windows based computer, you can download Outpost Firewall Free. This firewall is meant to be in addition to the firewall already installed on Windows, just like many of its competitors. Computer security is very important, and with all the new threats, it takes more than one kind of protection, especially since everything can’t be protected by Windows own built-in firewall.

There are many great features in Outpost Firewall Free and some extras, such as malware protection, that normally only come in paid programs. You get it here for free. Needless to say Agnitum, the company behind Outpost Firewall Free, would not be in business long without selling something, and they have other more advanced products for more increased levels of security that you can buy if you want that peace of mind.

You’ll need to feel safe when you’re using the internet, whether you’re using Windows-based systems, or a Mac computer, (which is generally more secure). Anyone who uses a Mac computer, and wants more protection can do so by installing DoorStop X Firewall.

DoorStop X can be purchased as a standalone firewall, or you can get the complete DoorStop X Security Suite, which has features that can also help to secure your iPhone. These products have been upgraded so that they work with the latest Mac operating system, Lion 10.7. With their additional protection, either DoorStop X Firewall or Security Suite is a good idea to have if you are a Mac user.

Cost can be an issue when deciding on the right firewall solution for you. You will need to make a decision based on your budget and your level of concern over security. Don’t be tempted by pirate versions of firewall software though. Not only is it illegal but you’ll be opening yourself up to attack by malicious software.

Always do your research and pick from well known software that has good customer reviews. You may also be able to take advantage of a trial offer to help you make your decision before you commit.

The right firewall can make a big difference to your computer’s security. To protect yourself against identity thieves, and to keep your personal data safe, it’s important that you be prepared for potential online difficulties. If your computer starts slowing down, you may have malware which is another common problem associated with using the Internet. You can prevent all of this from happening by looking at, and installing, the best firewalls of 2012.

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By Phil Marston
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