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HTC revamping the company’s brand image

Reports are saying that the Taiwanese phone maker will be using new slogans to promote its products. The change is all about bringing change to the company’s brand image. htc-logo

HTC has been using the slogan “Quietly Brilliant” since October of 2009. The Taiwanese phone maker has decided to market its HTC One under a new slogan: “bold”, “authentic”, and “playful”.

HTC’s CMO Ben Ho said: “We have a lot of innovative ideas, but we have not publicized them enough in the past”.

He said the term “bold” means that HTC will promote its new products’ features more heavily, while the term “authentic” will indicate that the company will now focus on its own innovations and will not copy others’ ideas. “Playful” means that the company will create more interesting features based on consumer’s demand.

The Taiwanese phone maker also plans to increase their marketing expenses in digital media by 250% and in conventional media by 100% for 2013.

He also addressed the delays in getting the HTC One to some markets. Ho said that the company will start sales of the HTC One in the UK, Germany, Taiwan this week. The rest of Europe, North America and most of the Asia-Pacific region will follow by the end of April.

HTC is also hoping to fill its pre-orders in Taiwan before the end of next month.

The HTC One is HTC’s last hope to revive the company’s dwindling market share.

Ho also said that their Taiwan consumers who have pre-registered for the HTC One will be getting their units on March 27.

The latter is also expecting the production of the HTC One to increase in the coming months.

The market is heavily dominated by Apple and Samsung, the release date of the HTC One is (sadly) still not that significant according to many analysts. This is even if HTC’s  stocks greatly depends on the phone’s actual sales.

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